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Brief Info About Transfer Saudi Visit Visa Into Iqama

Every country has its rules and regulations defined. Necessary implementation of rules is required to shift them from paper to reality. A focused law enforcing authority is required by the country and also essential check and balance. The inability to implement these rules will result in tragedy where the nation will be unable to identify the solutions to cope up with emerging problems and unfavorable conditions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known to have strict rules and regulations. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia strongly emphasizes on working within the prescribed line of discipline. Many things have changed after the launch of the Saudi Vision 2030. Many people observed that the Saudi visit visa can be transformed into a resident visa (Saudi Iqama).

The expatriates come to the Kingdom on various visas like work visas, resident visas, visit visas, business visas, etc. The visa that permits to stay for a more considerable period is the visit visa. Expats wish to convert their visas to resident visas.  The inquiry was answered by the Jawazat saying that according to rules and regulations it is not allowed to transfer the visit visa to Iqama.

Another inquiry was done regarding what will happen after the expiry of the final exit visa. A fine of SAR 1000 will be imposed if the expat does not leave the Kingdom after obtaining the final exit visa during the 60 days of the visa validity period, and also on canceling the visa and on re-issuing a new one, and the Iqama validity is required for him to finish the procedure.

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