Domestic Workers Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Domestic Workers of Saudi Arabia are given privileges of Sick Leaves , ESB (End of Service Benefits) and also Weekly off now

Human Rights Commission (HRC) has now presented new rules and regulations for domestic workers of the kingdom  regarding their contractual , financial and health rights .

Domestic Workers Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Domestic Workers Benefits in Saudi Arabia

HRC has now introduced these guidelines in order to ensure that their legal, financial and health rights are monitored safely.

HRC has made it clear, on its Twitter account  that it was not allowed to employ domestic workers in works that threats their safety, well being and financial security. HRC has also confirmed that they will pour in more efforts to see that the domestic workers are entitled to get ESB benefits that is the  “End of  Service” benefits, they will also ensure that they get a day off in a week to get proper rest as per their health perspective and and also a paid sick leave every year.

According to the official statistics  provided , it is confirmed that there were more than 2.5 million residential workers in Saudi Arabia during the year 2018.

Now these guidelines will bring a lot of relief among these domestic workers as their contractual work rights, financial rights , safety and security rights are protected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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