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Dubai Family Residence Visa

Dubai Family Residence

It is necessary to have a family visa if you are entering into UAE with family members. The family visa grants you sponsoring the spouse, parents, children (below the age of 18 years). Your employer acts as a sponsor for you and you can sponsor your parents, spouse, and children. Here are the details about the Dubai family residence visa and sponsorship requirements:

Dubai Family Residence

Dubai Family Residence Visa

  • Expatriate residents can sponsor their families if they have a valid residency permit in the UAE. Male resident employees with a minimum salary of Dh.4000 or Dh.3000 plus accommodation can sponsor their immediate family members. 
  • Before March 2019, the profession was also a condition to sponsor his family. But now an employee does not have to worry about his profession to sponsor his family.
  • The mother is not allowed to sponsor her children if the father who is residing in the UAE meets the criteria for sponsoring the children.
  • Wives can also sponsor their husbands with some extra requirements.
  • A sponsor can give sponsorship to workers such as Driver, Nannies, Maids, yet some restrictions are applicable.
  • Male and Female dependents over the age of 18 for both new family visas and renewal have to undergo and pass a medical fitness test at government-approved health centers.  

The Duration of Family Residence Visa:

If putting in for a dependents residence visa, the resident sponsor should do so within 60 days of entering the UAE Family members are issued visas for 1-3 years, depending upon the work. The residence visa is issued for a year or two depending upon the contact for the expat employees and three years for the expat employer. After the above-given situation, The same duration of the visa of a sponsor is allowed to the adult male pursuing education and sponsored parents. 

To Sponsor the Wife and Children:

An expat resident can sponsor the resident visa of the wife after you provide them with basic requirements set by the GDRFA. An authentic marriage certificate duly translated into Arabic should be presented. The daughter/s can be sponsored if she/they are unmarried. As for the son/s, he/they can be sponsored if they are 18 or under 18. Son/s can be sponsored for education in UAE until the age of 21. The residence visa will be granted only on yearly basis and must be renewed until he completes his education. The new rule which became effective on October 2018 says that students who graduate from their secondary school or universities or complete 18 years of age are granted a one-year resident visa which can be renewable. Parents do not have to place any bank deposits for this visa. The cost of this visa is Dh.100 when issuing and renewal. Though they have to submit the graduation certificates. An expat resident can also sponsor the stepchildren. He will have to provide a deposit for each child and a written no-objection certificate from the biological parent. This visa is also valid for a year and is renewable. 

Documents required for sponsoring wife and children:

  • Register through the online application or typing to the office.
  • Copies of passports of wife and children with at least 6 months’ validity.
  • Photos of wife and children
  • Medical Clearance Certificate of wife and youngsters above 18 years
  • Copy of husband’s contract
  • Salary certificate from the employer
  • Authentic marriage certificate (for wife)
  • Certified birth certificate (for children)
  • Written statement for daughters over 18 testifying they are unmarried.
  • Registered tenancy contract
  • Latest utility bill
  • Requisition fee for each application

Sponsor your parents in Dubai:

An expat employee can sponsor parents for a year by paying a deposit for every parent. A proof that says that the parents have no one to take care of back home should be submitted. In the case of a single parent, the related official document should be submitted as justification. There is a minimum salary criteria to sponsor parents. Medical insurance should be also obtained which is renewable. 

Rules for a Woman to Sponsor her Family:

A woman can sponsor her family members in Dubai with a minimum salary of Dh.10000. It is also necessary to have special permission from the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD). A single mother is allowed to sponsor her child, yet the authorities may ask for documents if the mother is sponsoring a stepchild. The rules are different in Abu Dhabi. The woman can sponsor her family members if she has a residence permit with a minimum salary of Dh.10000 plus accommodation and the profession should be a teacher, doctor, nurse, or any profession in the medical sector.

Renewal of Family Residency Visa:

The family visa is linked to the sponsor’s resident visa. If the sponsor’s residence visa gets canceled the visas of the family members also get canceled. To obtain a new residence visa the dependents are granted a 30-day grace period from the date of expiry. The dependents are considered illegal residents and may be liable for legal penalties if the sponsor fails to renew or cancel the visa.

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