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How to Apply for Family Iqama in KSA

The family iqama is issuable for the family who is on permanent visa is in saudi arabia. Once you have a hand on the permanent family visa you can apply for family iqama in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The procedure is easy and simple. 

How to Apply for Family Iqama in

How to Apply for Family Iqama in KSA

Medical Test for Family Iqama

If your family might have taken a medical test in their home country but still they will have to take a medical test once your family reaches the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This might be done by taking them to medical centers or hospitals that are authorized by the government. The test status will be automatically updated by the hospital or medical centre within two days on the website of the Ministry of Interior.

Documents Required to Apply for Family Iqama 

  • Two Copies of your Iqama
  • Filled Family Iqama Form
  • Copy of passport (first and visa page)
  • Passport size photographs with white background (two) of each of your family members

Procedure to Apply for family Iqama

  • Step 1: The iqama form could be filled online through MOI or with the help of agents who are sitting near Jawazat office. To fill the family iqama form for you the agent may ask for a small fee.
  • Step 2: Visit the Jawazat office in your city.
  • Step 3: Ask about the counter which is issuing new iqama at the reception.
  • Step 4: Submit the document mentioned above. The original iqama might be asked by the offices for checking, so keep the original with you while you visit.

The family iqama will be handed to you on the spot if you have fulfill all the requirements and your form is filled correctly. You need to write a new form again, in case of any mistakes.

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