Guide To Apply For Return Via Awdah In Absher

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia previously announced that it will facilitate the travel of the expatriates to their home countries in the midst of a continuing coronavirus outbreak who have an exit-reentry visa or final exit visa. This decision came in obedience to the order of King Salman. The Absher provided by the Ministry of Interior has many services like renewal of visas, iqamas, driving license, checking huroob status and much more services. Awdah is a new service in the Absher portal which allows all residents (both legal and violators) inside the kingdom to submit an application to return to their home countries electronically through the Absher portal. Absher was made by the Ministry of Interior to reduce the time and effort for the services. All the citizens and residents must benefit from the service. Once the request is approved there will be arrangements made for travel procedures. Here is the procedure to apply for return through Awdah service in the absher in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Awdah Service in Absher

  • Visit The Ministry Of Interior Absher Website:
  • Log In Is Not Required In Absher To Use The Awdah Service.
  • Choose The Awdah Service from The Bottom Of The Page.
  • Enter The Iqama Number or Border Number (for people who don’t have Iqama)
  • Enter The Date of Birth In The Hijri or Gregorian Calendar.
  • Enter The Mobile Number.
  • Finally, Enter The Captcha And Click Continue.

If the application has been approved, a notification will be sent through SMS or you can also check the status through the Absher portal.

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