Guide To Check Credit Report Using SIMAH In KSA

The agency that collects, analyzes, and provides detailed and up-to-date credit information on both individuals and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is SIMAH. The credit report by the SIMAH contains all of the information related to a client’s credit transactions with SIMAH members. The SIMAH credit report contains the identification number, place of residence, current and previous places of work, marital status and personal information of the person. Here are the steps by which you can check your credit report in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Credit Report

The credit report given by the SIMAH contains detailed information on any credit product such as personal loans, financial vehicles or telecom services.

  • Financial planning will be helped by the credit report.  
  • the authority to view your credit information with credit providers to be aware of any updates will be given with the credit report .  
  • The credit report can be utilized to be aware of guaranteed default credit products, if any.  
  • Credit Report is a confidential & reliable tool which provides you the access to your historical & existing credit information at any time.  

Procedure to Get SIMAH Credit Report

  • Go To the SIMAH website.
  • Enter The Iqama Number.
  • Then Enter The Password.
  • Choose one of the packages.
  • Register The SIMAH with your ID and Mobile number to get the SIMAH report.

How To Get Clearance From SIMAH

If there is unpaid loan or a bad history of paying the credits or debts then here is the solution to clear the unpaid loans or the debts in the easiest way. There is no shortcut or trich to get off the loan or the debts or credits. A simple way to clear the loan or debts is to settle the dispute with the bank or lender and keep on paying the debts in instalments. By this you can get easily cleared of the debts without pressure. 

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