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Guide To Check Umrah Visa Status Online

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched Umrah-E-Services online portal through which services for umrah can be done electronically. You won’t have to go to an agent to go for an Umrah visa. By using the online portal, Umrah visa tracking, verification, and printing online have been made easy. People complain about the agents about how they charge more money or sometimes they stamp fake visas on their passports, or sometimes don’t issue the visa. These problems have been countered by the Umrah-E-Services.

Firstly you will have to open the Umrah-E-Services link, then enter your passport number and select your nationality, then enter the Captcha code. Click on the submit button after entering all the required fields to create an inquiry for an umrah visa. On the next page, you can see the status of your Umrah visa. A message “No Umrah Visa Request Available” will appear on the screen if the application has not been submitted to the Saudi Embassy. It will be given in front of the visa fee “Not required to make payment for Umrah visa”. The Umrah fee is no more applicable. People hope that the Ministry will remove it from the system soon.

If the application for the Umrah visa has been submitted to the Saudi Embassy but has not been stamped, the following message will appear on the screen “The Umrah Visa Request Sent To Embassy”.

If the Umrah visa has been stamped on the passport by the Saudi Embassy, the screen will show the same Umrah visa status message as above along with the package details. The package details mean that the visa has been stamped.

If a person traveled back to his home country and try to check the Umrah status online the message “Exit from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” will appear.

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