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Guide To Issue Exit Re-Entry Visa Through Absher

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allows the expatriate workers to issue the exit re-entry visa electronically through the Ministry of Interior’s online Absher portal. The Absher has many facilities such as issuance of visas, checking the status of visas and official documents, checking the huroob status, renewal of the iqama, changing kafeel’s name, and much more facilities. Here is the procedure to issue the exit re-entry visa in Saudi Arabia using Absher online platform.

Guide To Issue Exit Re-Entry Visa Through

Procedure To Request Exit/Re-Entry Visa Through Absher

  • Open the Ministry of Interior’s Absher website.
  • Login to your Absher account. If not register.
  • Go to the My Services and select Services.
  • Select Passport.
  • Then choose Visa Request.
  • Click Create Visa Request.
  • Choose the request type.
  • Enter the required number of days in the Return Before column (Maximum 30 days).
  • Mark the agreement with a check.
  • Then click Next
  • Then click Confirm to complete the request.

Wait for 10 days after placing the request. You will have a 5 day beginning period to issue the exit re-entry visa after the 10th day. If the employer/sponsor objects, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development will study the case and make a decision within 10 days of the visa application date.

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