Guide To Report Against False Huroob By Sponsor Online

The word Huroob is a legal term that means escape used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Huroob is an illegal act in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The huroob status will be called upon an expat employee who leaves or changes a company without the permission of the sponsor/kafeel. The huroob facility is provided to the employers by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to add huroob status on the employee who leaves the job or sponsorship without the permission of the current sponsor/kafeel. Sometimes the employer uses this facility illegally. Here is the procedure to repost against the false huroob.

The inquiry about the huroob was asked to the authorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and they responded that under the work agreement, the sponsor/kafeel has a responsibility to take care of his dependents. The employer will have to face legal problems if he does not meet the requirements for his dependent. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the dependent/employee to follow the contract he signed.

The huroob can be canceled if it was filed mistakenly by the employer. But it should be done within 15 days of filing the huroob status against the employee. If the 15 days period has been over then the employer will have to visit the concerned department office for the cancelation of the huroob status.

In the case where the employee has been filed false huroob by the employer can be known by taking a print from the Jawazat office. Now, this can be done through the website. The huroob status can be checked online through the website.

Procedure To Report Against False Huroob
  • Open the Ministry’s website.
  • Select the language.
  • Create an account.
  • Then Log In.
  • Click on the individual tab.
  • The details will be displayed.
  • Fill in the information required.
  • Upload the required documents in PDF file.
  • The system will review the information and send it to the concerned organization.

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