Guide To Resign From Job New Qatar Labor Law

The Government of Qatar has developed appropriate laws and conditions for employees who wish to resign from a company, or for a company that requires an individual to resign. Here are the laws and conditions that you need to know in order to preserve your rights under these conditions.

Notice Period:

The timeframe given is the notice period which is terminating the contract of employment. The legal way of asking the employee to resign or the employer to terminate is to give a notice period. The party who fails to do so will have to pay compensation It depends completely o the employee’s period of service.

Employees Who Receive Monthly Salary:
  • Less Than 5 Years: One Month Notice
  • More Than 5 Years: Two-Month Notice
Employees on a contract basis and who receive a salary on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis:
  • Less Than 1 Year: One Week Notice
  • More Than 1 Year And Less Than 5 Years: Two Weeks’ Notice
  • More Than 5 Years: One Month Notice
Conditions For The Contractual Employers

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required for employees on fixed-term contracts who wish to change jobs within the contract period. The employee will be prohibited to work during the contract period if they do not obtain the NOC. At the end of the contract period, the employee is free to take up new employment.


There are some reforms and relaxations granted by the government in this regard where an employee can terminate the contract before its expiry and still retain his rights and amounts including gratuity. This is applicable when,

  • The obligations in the contract have been breached by the employer.
  • Physical assault on the employee or immoral act on the employee’s family by the employer or the manager.
  • Misguidance about the contract at the beginning by the employer,
  • The work is hazardous and puts the health of the employee at risk.
Wages During The Notice Period

Under the law, the employer must pay the full salary during the notice period. The salary and other amounts due must be paid to the employee by the end of the day following the end of the notice period. If the employee has not taken any vacation days during the employment relationship, the employer must pay him the remaining vacation days.

Conditions Of Repatriation

If an expatriate employee has been terminated, the employer must pay the cost of the expatriate employee’s return to their home country. This amount should be paid to the employee within two weeks of termination. The employer would be exempt if the employee moves to another employer in Qatar.

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