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The online Absher portal became a key tool for making any government-related services. The online Absher portal was given to reduce the time and effort taken to do any government-related work. The services provided by Absher are to apply for visas and to renew them, and to check the public query funds or to check the validity of the visa or iqama or driving license, and to check huroob status, and many more things. Sometimes you forget the user ID or the password of an account and it might be the user ID or password of Absher account. You can easily can the password but there is no option for getting the user ID. You can find your user ID by the same process. Here is the procedure to retrieve a lost user ID or password.

Procedure To Retrieve Lost User ID or Password

  • Open the Absher Online Portal i.e. Website.
  • You can Change the Language if you don’t know Arabic by Clicking on English on the top left of the page.
  • Then Click Log In.
  • Then Click Reset Password.
  • On the Next Page Enter the Iqama Number, Mobile Number, and Captcha. Then Click Next.
  • On the Next Page Select a Question.
  • Answer the Question Selected. Then Click Next.
  • Then Enter the Code Received on the Registered Mobile Number. Then Click OK.
  • Then User ID will be Displayed.
  • If you Forgot the Password then Set the New Password.
  • Then Click OK.

That’s the complete procedure to change the password or to retrieve the user ID.

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