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Guide To Send Family Back On Final Exit (Online) – KSA

It is necessary to understand the requirements for processing the final exit visa as many of the expatriates are sending their families back to their home country. It is commonly known that one needs to process the final exit visa in order to legally leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Requirements For The Final Exit Visa

  • Valid Iqama.
  • Valid Passport.
  • Dependents Fee Must Be Paid.
  • Sponsor and Dependent Status Must Not Have Istiqdam Violation, Should Not Be Dead, Or Absent.
  • If Any Traffic Violation Are There, The Penalties Must Be Paid.
  • Sponsor Or Dependent Must Not Have Any Earlier Penalty For Visa Cancellation.
  • Dependent Visa Cancellation Should Not Have Previous Valid Visa.
  • During The Visa Issuance, The Dependent Must Be Present In The Kingdom.
  • Finger Print Enrollment For Dependents Of Age Above 15.
  • Dependent Should Not Have Any Vehicle Registered In MOI System.
  • Absher Account On MOI Portal Valid.

Procedure To Get The Final Exit Visa

  • Open The MOI’s Absher Online Portal.
  • Under Dependents, Click on More Details.
  • Click on More Dependents For Each Dependent You Wish To Get Final Exit Visa For.
  • Then Click On Issue Final Visa.
  • Read The Terms and Conditions And If You Agree Then Click OK.
  • Then Confirm Again.

Note: The dependent will have to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within two months of issuing the final exit visa, otherwise a heavy penalty will be incurred. You can cancel the final exit visa only within two months.

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