Procedure to Get a Expat’s Newborn Visa in Kuwait

It is necessary to have a visa for the newborn as early as possible because a penalty might be imposed if the visa is not applied early. Make sure that the newborn has a visa which is also known as an iqama. 

Requirements for The Newborn Child Kuwait Visa

  • Birth Certificate Of New Born Official
  • Father Can Sponsor For The New Born
  • No Minimum Salary Requirement

Procedure To Obtain an Expat’s Newborn’s Birth Certificate

Written notification of the birth will be provided by the hospital in which the child was born, and they will also provide the address. It will be written in Arabic. Here are the documents that is required to get the birth certificate:

  • Application Form
  • Copies of Parents’ Passport
  • Copies of Parents’ Civil IDs
  • Marriage Contract Authenticated
  • Proposed First Name of The Newborn

Procedures To Get Birth Certificate

  • Submit the application form and documents required at the registry
  • Pay the fee which is 10KD
  • Get the birth certificate from the registry after 7 days

Procedures for the Newborn’s Kuwait Visa, and Passport

The name of the newborn must be added to the parent’s passport. Or a separate passport can be obtained for the child, which is more common. 

Certified translation of birth certificate is required for the newborn’s passport, and the other non-Arabic Embassies certificates must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait.

The residence visa can be obtained when the newborn’s name has been added or if the newborn gets his passport. A newborn’s residence visa has no special procedure for obtaining it. And the cost of the residence visa is 10KD per year. The parents are not allowed to keep the child if they have a domestic servant visa in Kuwait. An exit visa for the newborn must be obtained from the ministry of interior. There are no charges for the exit visa.

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