Procedure to Renew Istimara Online in KSA

Procedure to Renew Istimara Online in

The vehicle registration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is called Istimara which expires every 3 years and should be renewed. Driving a car without a valid Istimara is illegal and you can be punished for it. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made it easy to renew the Istimara by the online procedure which you can do it at home. We will guide you on how to renew your Istimara online. Here are the Step by Step guide to renew the Istimara Online.

Procedure to Renew Istimara Online in

Procedure to Renew Istimara Online in KSA

Requirements for Renew Istimara Online

  • Renewal charges of SAR 300 must be paid through SADAD payment by the ATM machine or through online banking.
  • Valid Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection – Fahas is a must of your car for the renewal of the Istimara. You can’t apply for renewal without valid Fahas.
  • Valid Insurance of your car.
  • All Fines Clear

Procedure to Renew Istimara in Saudi Arabia Online

Absher account is necessary to renew the Istimara online. 

  • Login to Absher Account in Ministry of Interior Website.
  • Click on Vehicle on The Dashboard.
  • Then Click on More Details.
  • Details of Your Vehicles will Appear, Choose Which Vehicle Registration to Renew.
  • Click on Renew Vehicle Registration Below Vehicle Insurance.
  • Terms and Conditions will appear on the new screen. Click on Confirm if you agree.
  • A page will appear which you have to print.
  • Take the print to the nearest police station.

If an error shows change the language from English to Arabic, If that does not work visit the traffic police office.

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