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Many Oman visa inquiries and traffic violation related issues are carried out by the Royal Oman Polices Online Services. The Visa status of Oman can also be checked through this ROP Online Services through its website. Now we can discuss about how we are going to check and see how much fine was imposed for the violation and offence committed by the Omani residents on the roads of Oman.

Traffic fine is Oman is also called Makhalfa in Oman

The procedure of traffic violation inquiries is kept quiet simple as a complicated website will confuse the users. After submitting your details you can view how much of a violation and offence fine has been imposed on you by the Royal Oman Police authority.

The official website which allows you to enquire about particular fines imposed on a particular vehicle in Oman or you want to know how much amount of fine was imposed on any Oman expat or a company.

Steps to check the Traffic offences and fines levied by the ROP authority in Oman :


  1. Go to the website
  2. After that, select “Services” tab. Then from the drop-down list of “Online services” click on “Traffic fines and pay online”
  3. For fine imposed for the offense enter the person or company details i.e., the driving license or visa number of the person or company on whom the fine is imposed.
  4. Then at the end, click on “Submit”.
  5. Then you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can view and pay your fines.

For a person owning a company, more than one violation fees will be displayed when he enters the driving license number but ROP allows him to view only 50 violation fines. Then he needs to clear this to view other fines.

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