10 Types of Jinn in Islam

10 Types of Jinn in Islam -

Did you know that Islam has spoken of Jinn’s existence in the Holy Quran as well as Hadith?

Allah has made many types of jinn. There are some that can be transformed into dogs or snakes, others who can fly with wings and can travel while resting and others who can do the same.

Allah has granted the jinn abilities that he has not given humans. Allah has revealed some of their abilities, including the ability to travel and move quickly.

10 Types of Jinn in Islam -

10 Types of Jinn in Islam

Both the Sunnah and Quran indicate that the Jinn are real and have a purpose in this life. They worship Allah Alone with no associates or partners.

Even though there is only one chapter about Jinn, the Quran mentions Jinn 29 times.

Jinn can also see humans, but not in their real form. They can also reproduce and practice religions, such as Muslim or non-Muslim. This article contains a list of Jinn types.

1. Hinn

Jinn Hinn types can be referred to as dogs. Arabic Hinn is a shorthand for ‘little’.

2. Ghoul

The Ghoul Jinn can be described as shape-shifting, cannibalistic and blood-drinking Jinn. They feed on blood and bodies of humans, including children, travelers, and corpses taken from graves. Ghoul in Arabic means “beast”.

3. Jann

Jinn is a desert dweller and comes in the form of white camels or hurricanes. They are known as the Ghoul’s enemy. They love humans and are very open-minded. They can hide or reveal springs in deserts.

4. Marid

Marid, one of the largest and most powerful jinns, is mentioned in pre-Islamic Arabian Mythology. Marid is Arabic for “Giants”.

5. Ifrit

The Ifrit type of jinn has a reputation for being powerful and cunning. They are known for being huge flying creatures of fire. They are usually married to Jinns but they can also marry humans. They are often depicted as cold-blooded, wicked creatures.

6. Shiqq

Shiqq Jinn looks half-formed like a monster. They are weak Jinn, compared to other Jinn. Shiqq in Arabic means “split”.

7. Nasnas

Also known as weak Jinn, Nasnas can also be called weak Jinn. They combine animal and human forms.

8. Palis

Foot lickers in deserts are known as foot lickers. They drain blood from people sleeping by licking their feet. They are easy to fool because they have low intelligence.

9. Si’lat

They are among the most intelligent and smartest animals. They can easily imitate humans.

10. Shaitaan

Shaitaan is the devil and the roguish Jinn, both of which are mentioned in the Quran. They can only make evil plans in the minds of people. Iblis is the most well-known Shaitaan type because he refused Prophet Adam’s bow.

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