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5 Places Where Parking Is Prohibited In Saudi Arabia

Parking is a troublesome task. Vehicle parking in a proper area eliminates traffic and road accidents. The parking system plays an important role in many aspects of our lives but also it has played a vital role in traffic control. The traffic laws are very firm and if violated might impose a severe fine. A particular statement about car parking was given by the Saudi Traffic Department (Muroor). Five locations were identified by the Saudi Traffic Department (Muroor) were parking is prohibited in order to protect the driver. Here are the five locations at which the parking of the vehicle is prohibited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5 Places Where Parking Is Prohibited In Saudi

5 Places Where Parking Is Prohibited

  • The vehicles are not permitted to be parked at road junctions.
  • The vehicles are not allowed to be parked at road bends or end of the road.
  • Not allowed to park within 7 meters from the fire brigade’s water point.
  • Not allowed to park within 20 meters of a bridge or underpass.
  • Not allowed to park on roads with yellow sidewalks.

If not followed the above rules regarding parking will be imposed heavy fines. The proper parking system not only provides protection or safety for car drivers but also an efficient car parking method that is quick and easy for us.

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