Applying for Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar

Apply Exceptional Entry Permit to

An exceptional entry permit is a temporary service that is issued to residents of the State of Qatar who are not able to return to the country thanks to the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The permit acts as an entry for residents and their relations holding QIDs to enable them to return to the State of Qatar. This service also allows residents outside the country, who have expired exceptional entry permits, to increase the validity of their permits for 30 days from the permit’s extension application date. 

Apply Exceptional Entry Permit to

Applying for Exceptional Entry Permit

When one visits the online portal, they can find two sorts of accounts – one for Qatar residents while the opposite for visitors and business representatives. Once approved, the notification would be made to the concerned party through email. Here are the steps to use for the Exceptional Entry Permit:

  • Visit the portal and create a new account or log into your existing account
  • Click on the ‘Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit’ tab. Do read all terms and conditions and know about the required attachments for the same.
  • Fill in the required information correctly as per your documents. Any wrong information must be avoided.
  • Enter the correct email id to receive your intimation of approval for the application.
  • Get the permit printed and keep a copy of it as well as a copy of the quarantine undertaking to be presented to the airport officials.

Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit in

Creating an account for Qatari Citizens and residents

Qatari citizens and residents who want to make an account to urge the Exceptional Entry Permit would require filling a form on the portal. they need to have in possession of their QID number, mobile number, and email ID to proceed with the application. within the next tab, they might require providing some personal information, and that they must select a solid password to finish the registration.

Creating an account for Visitors and representatives

Visitors and other representatives would require their email ID, mobile ID, and a few personal information at the time of application for Permanent Entry Permit. they will have to create a password and complete the registration process.

About the Exceptional Entry Permit

Here are some important facts about the Exceptional Entry Permit:
  • The application was open for Qatar residents, employees, and employers from August 1, 2020. 
  • The entry permits are available for residents and their relations. If the resident, to whom an entry permit has been issued, is outside the country, entry permits are issued for respective relations automatically.
  • There is a one-month validity of the permit from the time of issuance. A new application must be submitted if the permit expires.
  • People applying for the permit must download Ehteraz mobile application and must install it before arrival.
  • If the applicant is coming from a low-risk country, their evidence of residence therein country for the last three days must be submitted with their application.
  • The authorities will have the proper to simply accept or reject the appliance as per terms and conditions laid out for the aim.
  • All data and knowledge furnished by the applicant must be true and any discrepancy would invite legal liabilities for those applying.

Terms and Conditions

Low-Risk countries
  • Have already conducted the Covid19 test in an approved hospital within the last 48 hours from their date of departure. a tough copy of the result must be submitted upon arrival.
  • If the test has not been conducted, it might be conducted after their arrival in Qatar.
  • If the applicant is coming from a low-risk country, their evidence of residence therein country for the last three days must be submitted with their application. If they reside for fewer than 72 hours during a low-risk country, they’re going to be considered coming from other countries and hence are going to be treated accordingly.
Other countries
  • Hotel approved for quarantine by supremacy they must be booked
  • A test would be conducted at the airport and if found positive, necessary procedure would be taken into consideration. If found negative, they might be sent for one week’s of isolation.
  • Those holding permits must adhere to line rules and regulations also as procedures laid out by the Ministry of Public Health.

Documents required at the Airport

  • Passport
  • Qatar residence card
  • Entry permit
  • Hotel quarantine undertaking
  • Covid19 test certificate
  • Hotel reservation slip for quarantine

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