Check Legal Court Case | Booked on Your Name in Saudi

Its important for Expats living in Saudi Arabia to regularly check if there is any Legal or Court case on their name. This might even land him up in Jail or loosing his job if the settlement is not done.

You can now check for any Legal or Court case registered against your Name on the Official website of Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia.

This portal will help you check if a person owns a Loan or has any social guarantee or if he married or not.

This is a great tool to know any person’s details before getting into any kind of activity or business.

Check Legal Court Case on your Name

Here are the Steps to check if any Legal or Court case is registered against Iqama ID

1) Open the Official Website of Ministry of Justice

2) Enter the Iqama Number or National ID Number
3) Enter Date of Birth
4) and then Enter the Captcha code as shown in the below image

Pressing Next you will get OTP (One-Time Password) number on the Absher registered Mobile Number

5) Enter the OTP.

After entering the OTP you’ll be able to see the details if any legal or court case is registered on your name or not.

This is a great tool which will help people not to get fooled by others and check their financial or social status online.

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