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Procedure to Check Sponsor ID in Saudi Arabia

An identification Id is assigned to the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) sponsors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Labour. The 10 digit number is the Sponsor Id. The expats of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will require the Sponsor Id for a number of reasons like it will be required for the Iqama, to check visa status, to open a bank account, for checking medical insurance expiry, to renew the driving license, and many more things. Procedure to Check Sponsor ID in Saudi

Procedure to Check Sponsor ID in Saudi Arabia

There are some ways to ascertain your Kafeel (sponsor) name and sponsor ID in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Your Iqama card, issued by the Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, can feature your Kafeel name alongside ten different items of knowledge, like your name, status, nationality, Iqama number, job title, and expiry date. Your Iqama card act as an important ID document for you, while within the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia. Check that you carry it all times.

Some other sources of finding your Kafeel name are:
  • The visa page in your passport
  • Through the Absher website
  • Enquiry with the HR department of your organization
  • Website of the Ministry of Labour

Procedure of How to Check the Sponsor ID

The information about your sponsor’s name and ID and more can be asked to the HR department of your company. Alternately, for the details, you can visit your visa page.

1.Checking Sponsor ID through Your Passport

Your passport will have the stamped Kingdom of Saudi Arabia page and the sponsor ID will be available in it. The 10-digit sponsor ID will feature in the fifth line from the right in the visa. This may be mentioned in Arabic, thus you’ll would like somebody to interpret the numbers for you, just in case you’re not fluent with the language.

2.Checking Kafeel Name and Sponsor ID through Absher

To check your sponsor ID in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must have an Absher account. Go to the Absher website, and click on the “Individual” tab for Absher account registration. Then click on the “New User” icon, then enter your Iqama number, mobile number, custom username, password and language. when clicking on “Next,” you’ll receive an SMS code for mobile verification. Press “OK” for account registration.

Proceed to visualize your sponsor ID through these steps:
  • Go to the Absher portal and click on “Individual”
  • Enter your username, password and Captcha
  • Then click on “Dashboard”
  • Click on “More Detail” on the Dashboard window. 
  • A screen will be displayed with your Kafeel name and ID.

The sponsor name and ID will be displayed in Arabic. 

3.Checking the Sponsor ID on MOL website

Sponsor name and ID can be checked through the Ministry of Labour website. These pages are in Arabic, thus you’ll would like somebody to guide you thru it. The portal can show your sponsor ID and name by entering your Iqama number and name. This methodology can even be used to check the standing of your request for a transfer of your Iqama. If the transfer is processed with success, your sponsor name and ID can modification, which will be shown here.

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