Procedure To Claim Cancelled Fine From Traffic Department

The procedure for withdrawing the cancelled fines for traffic violations has been issued by the Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor). It was reported via Twitter by the Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) that the cancellation fine will be refunded from the account from which the traffic fine was paid. Here is the procedure to claim the fine cancellation from the Saudi Traffic Department.

Filing Objections To Specific Violations

The Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) in an earlier statement stated that the local citizens and Saudi expats can file obligations to the specific traffic violations.

Where To File A Complaint?

Anyone who is objecting to the fine can file a complaint online.

  • Visit The Official Moroor Website
  • Log In
  • Click Sevices
  • Then Select Traffic Services
  • Then Go To The Box Objecting Traffic Violations.

It was said by the Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) that the online obligations can be lodged only within 30 days of registering a traffic violations.

Questions were asked by the locals regarding the fine. A person asked that if the traffic department accepts the objection and then declares the fine illegal, will the fine be refunded or not. The reply given by the traffic department was that if the objection is valid then the fine is cancelled and the amount of the fine will be refunded to the same account from which the fine was paid.

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