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Everything About Saudi Arabia’s Tourist Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened its doors to the world. It announced that tourist visas would be available to citizens from 49 countries.

Fees For Saudi Tourist Visa

The cost for a Saudi tourist visa is SAR 440 which will include SAR 140 for travel insurance.

Saudi Tourist Visa Validity And Staying Period

The Saudi Tourist visas is valid for 360 days from the date of issue and the stay period is of 90 days or less, and for a total of no more than 180 days in a single year.

Visas-On-Arrival For 49 Countries

Now residents of 49 countries mentioned above can obtain Saudi tourist visas online through a seven-minute application process or can be taken upon arrival at machine kiosks or special counters at any of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s four international airports.

The 49 countries that are eligible to apply for e-visas and visas are as follows:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Singapore
  5. Brunei
  6. New Zealand
  7. South Korea
  8. Japan
  9. Spain
  10. Belgium
  11. Malaysia
  12. Austria
  13. Cyprus
  14. UK
  15. Croatia
  16. Estonia
  17. Andorra
  18. Denmark
  19. Germany
  20. Bulgaria
  21. France
  22. Hungary
  23. Czech Republic
  24. Holland
  25. Italy
  26. Finland
  27. Ireland
  28. Lithuania
  29. Greece
  30. Liechtenstein
  31. Monaco
  32. Iceland
  33. Malta
  34. Poland
  35. Latvia
  36. Norway
  37. Russia
  38. Luxembourg
  39. Romania
  40. Slovenia
  41. Montenegro
  42. Slovakia
  43. Switzerland
  44. Portugal
  45. Sweden
  46. Australia
  47. San Marino
  48. Ukraine
  49. China, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Procedure To Apply For Saudi Tourist Visas For Other Nationalist

The Saudi tourist visas are not limited to just 49 countries. Countries other than the above listed can also apply for Saudi tourist visas through Saudi embassies and consulates across the world.

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