Guide For Online Marriages For Saudi Expats

The expatriates due to the pandemic were not allowed to travel and had their marriages fixed but could not travel to their home country or other destination for marriage. Many people have considered doing online marriage during this pandemic. The Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has said that expats can marry online and legalize their marriage online if they fulfil the conditions.

Conditions For Conducting Online Marriage

The Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia stated that if one of the groom or bride is non-Saudi or both the bride and groom do not know Arabic and the guardian of a bride is a lawyer, then the online marriage can be conducted.

Requirements For Online Proceedings: It is necessary to have an effective power of attorney for online marriage proceedings and both parties should be present online.

Requirements For The Divorcee: Original copy or certified photocopy of the divorce certificate or khula nama or annulment document must be submitted if the bride is divorced.

Requirements For Party Who Is Minor: If either bride or groom is minor then an original copy of the guardian’s letter or a certified photocopy should be provided.

Requirements If The Bride’s Father Passed Away: The original list or a certified photocopy must be submitted if the bride’s father has passed away.

Procedure For Online Legalization Through Najz Gate

Open the portal and go to the service for marriage and then select court selection. Register applicant’s information and the parties concerned. Upload the required documents and apply.

The Saudi Arabia’s government is making every governmental service process online and its aim is to make the process easy and simple without much effort and time.

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