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Guide To Apply For Iqama If Lost Or Stolen

A resident permit is required for you to stay legally in a country. Every country has its permit and permits vary for students, employees, and for families. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has its residence permit which is known as the Iqama. It is a card but now it is digital in the Ministry of Interior’s Absher Online Portal. The increase in the fees of Iqama lead to a turbulence among the expatriates with the majority of them leaving the country.

Guide To Apply For Iqama If Lost Or Stolen

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued a new order that the Iqama fees should not exceed SAR 300 in 2019 for the growth of the economy. For the people who are still living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if their iqama is lost or stolen find out the procedure. The strict laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tells to get the iqama as early as possible. A fine of SAR 1000 must be paid. Here are the steps by which you can apply for the iqama if it is lost or stolen.

Procedure To Apply For Iqama If Lost Or Stolen

  • A missing report has to be filed in any branch of Jawazat or Police.
  • A letter must be obtained from the sponsor/employer explaining how to iqama has been lost or stolen.
  • The original passport of the expatriate must be submitted. 
  • If there is a copy of the iqama it should be submitted.
  • Fill the form which will be given at the Jawazat office or its website.
  • SAR 500 must be paid if term of admission is of one year or less.
  • The form must be submitted with two photos.
  • Pay the fine.

Fine SAR 1000 to SAR 3000 will be imposed if the person does not report to the concerned institution within 24 hours and delayed further. The Saudi iqama is a very important document and has to be reported. Most people are unaware of the procedure and they delay in reporting. 

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