Guide To Apply For Scholarship In Saudi Arabia

A specific amount of fee given as a reward to the student for getting good grades is scholarship. It is also a kind of financial aid for the student for the education who are financially unable to pursue their career. The rules and regulation for the scholarship is set by the Board of Directors of the Education system.

The scholarship is awarded to the students of various countries by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The scholarship gives an increase in support and attention to the student. The Universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are renowned for the excellence and some of them are ranked among the top universities in the world.

Requirements For Applying Scholarship

  • Undergraduate Level: Applicant’s age must be above 17 and not more that 25.
  • Doctoral Level: 35 Years
  • Master Level: 30 Years
  • Approval of qualified authorities form their home countries must be obtained by the non-Saudi applicant.
  • The scholarship must not be granted by other institutions or organizations.
  • Permission Letter form their home country to travel for study.
  • The certificates must be attested by the educational institutions.
  • The applicant should not have been expelled from the institution.

Benefits Of Getting Scholarship

  • Medical Aid/Health Care
  • Hostel/Accommodation
  • Airfare/Travel Ticket (Annually)
  • Financial Wages When In Kingdom For Studying
  • Social, Scientific, Cultural, and Media Programs
  • Academic Staff’s Support For Appropriate Academic Guidance

Types Of Scholarships For Expats Students

  • Internal Scholarships: For those expat students who are legally residing in Saudi Arabia.
  • Overseas Scholarships: For Non-Saudi students from outside Saudi Arabia.
Scholarships Based On Grades
  • Full Scholarships: All the benefits mentioned above will be available to the student.
  • Partial Scholarships: Some benefits are available to the students such as seat, accommodation.
  • Paid Scholarships: Scholarship paid by donors who are not part of university.

Procedure To Apply For Scholarship

  • Open the specific university website.
  • Register at the university website and obtain PSU ID.
  • Fill the application.
  • Pay the semester fee and the scholarship receipt should be taken to the office to receive scholarship.

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