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Guide To Apply For UAE Visit Visa Online

Citizens of some countries which is approved by the government of UAE will be issued visas on arrival but others will have to get the visa before arriving in the UAE. The visas should be obtained before getting on the plane. The UAE government had made the process easier. The visa can be applied online through the official website of the Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways is a government-owned company. The Headquarters of the Etihad Airways is in the capital city of UAE which is Abu DhabiHere are the requirements and procedures to apply for UAE visit visa online.

Requirements For The Visit Visa

The following things are necessary if you are not from the countries that you are not eligible to have a visa on arrival.

  1. Sponsor: A Sponsor is required for you to get the visa. It might be your relative UAE residence or Dubai-based travel agency, UAE hotels, UAE company, or Airline operator that can play its role.
  2. Document: Additional documents are required to submit to the speed of your visa approval such as marriage certificate, childbirth certificate for children, etc.
  3. Tickets: Two ways of ticket booking – Arrival and departure.
  4. Application form: The application form fully handwritten.

Procedure To Apply For The Visit Visa

To apply for the visit visa for UAE online, your sponsor should go to the airline operator. Etihad Airways is the only one that offers foreign nationals to apply for a visit or tourist visa on its website.

  • Open the Etihad Airways website.
  • Go to the visa section
  • Then Click on the UAE visa, you would redirect the new page.
  • Choose the visa types.
  • Then enter the required details.
  • Then make the payment.

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