Guide To Book Train Tickets Online In Saudi Arabia

There are few ways to book a ticket for train whether for himself or for companions. SAR (Saudi Arabian Railways) is the first option to book a train ticket. The SAR official website is comprehensive and streamlined and provides ease of access. All details about the train, routes, stations, etc are available. A calendar of trains, dates, times is provided on the SAR website. The estimated fare will be presented after selecting the destination and date. The fare estimation is based on the duration between the date of booking and the date of travel and also the type of coach and class. There is a baggage limit that is allowed on the train. There is an option to travel with extra baggage to pay extra per kilo. Here is the procedure to book a train ticket online in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure To Book Train Ticket From SAR Website

The website provides us various options:

  • Tickets Buying
  • Tickets Types Info
  • Tickets Prices
  • Cancellation And Refunds
  • Terms And Conditions
Booking Ticket Using PC/Laptop
  • Open the SAR official website.
  • Click on buy ticket.
  • On the next page, Click one way for a one-way trip or a round trip for a round trip.
  • Choose the number of passengers.
  • Choose Business/Economy class.
  • Choose a travel date.
  • Then Click Search, It will display the total cost.
  • Click add to cart and then pay the fare.
  • Print the tickets.
Booking Ticket Through Mobile App
  • Open the SAR mobile application.
  • Select the origin, travel date, destination, and number of passengers.
  • Click select and continue. You can sign in or continue as a guest.
  • Enter the passenger’s information and then make the payment.

Only 10 minutes are available to complete the procedure and to make the payment in the app. Keep the payment details ready for ease of the procedure.

Ticket Types And Prices

If the ticket is booked 12 weeks to 3 weeks before the trip, up to 60% discount will be available on the fare. Passengers with the Business Class Ticket will have access to special facilities at the departure lounges and at the seat service including snacks and refreshments. And also the seats of the business class are more spacious and comfortable. The baggage allowance is 32Kg and 10Kg Handbags in the business class.

Other Ways To Book Ticket

If a person is unable to book a ticket through the SAR website or mobile app, he can go to the station and buy a ticket by means over the counter purchase. Tickets can be booked over a phone call by calling on the number 172108320376. The payment for the booking over a phone call can be done through SADAD.

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