Guide To Change Mobile Number In Absher

People can change their mobile number and email in the Absher. Mobile number is very crucial for the procedures and services to be conducted through the Ministry of Interior’s Absher. The verification code will be sent through SMS on the registered mobile number to log in, to renew the visa, renew the driving license, to check the iqama status, huroob status, and the services that are in Absher. Absher has become important for the citizens and especially expatriates.

The Absher was created by the Ministry of Interior for the betterment of the citizens and residents, to reduce the time and effort to get the important things done.

Guide To Change Mobile Number In Absher

The Absher avails facilities to apply for visas, driving license, iqamas, etc.  If the mobile is lost in which there was a registered mobile number then it is hard to access the services of the Absher. You will have an option to change the mobile number. If you want to update the mobile number it is simple and easy. 

Procedure To Change Mobile Number Through Absher

  • Go To The Ministry Of Interior’s Absher Website.
  • Login To The Absher Account.
  • Then Click On Three Dots At The Upper Right Corner.
  • Choose User Information.
  • Click Edit.
  • Confirm The Email ID.
  • Enter New Mobile Number.
  • Click Save.
  • Verification Code Will Be Sent To New Mobile Number.
  • Enter The Verification Code.

Procedure To Change Mobile Number Without Logging In

  • Find The KIOSK Machine Near To You.
  • Select The Language.
  • Click Update Mobile Option.
  • Enter Iqama Number.
  • Click Continue.
  • Scan Index Finger For Verification.
  • Enter New Mobile Number.
  • Enter The Verification Code.

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