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Guide To Check Available Iqama Funds With Absher – KSA

The Absher given by the Ministry of Interior allows you to check available funds under Iqama. The funds normally would be deposited for the services related to the Ministry of Interior if done by you or your sponsor through ATM or internet banking. a certain fee is required to pay for Each service done by Jawazat. In future if you are not using the service you can refund the deposited iqama fund to the same bank account. You can check your deposited Iqama Funds online through the MInistry of Interior’s Absher website. The transaction has not been done if you find the funds of the Ministry of Interior under your Iqama and if the transaction has been done then you won’t find the funds of the Ministry of Interior under your Iqama. The Absher provides services such as, renewal of driving license, renewal of visas, renewal of iqama, checking validity of visas, checking validity of iqamas, checking huroob status, checking validity of driving license, sponsorship transfer, kafeel name, extension of visas and much more services.

Ministry Of Interior Iqama Funds Can Be Used For The Following Services:

  • Renewal Of Iqama. 
  • Exit-Re/Entry Permit Issuance.
  • Multiple Exit-Re/Entry Permit Issuance.
  • Transfer Of Sponsorship.
  • Change Of Profession
  • Renewal Of Visit Visa .etc

Procedure To Check MOI Iqama Funds Online:

  • Visit The Ministry Of Interior’s Absher website
  • Select The Language From The Top Menu.
  • Log In.
  • Choose Public Query Available Funds.
  • On The Next Page Enter The Iqama Number And Captcha.
  • Then Click View.
  • On The Next Page You Will Be Able To See The Deposited Funds On Your Iqama.

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