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Guide To Check Family Details In Jawazat System

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has streamlined its systems and now all the information and services are online and is within reach. Information like if the family members have crossed immigration point at the airport or if the fingerprinting is still pending or their visa number, iqama number, or validity of the visa or iqama. Here is the procedure through which you can check family details in the jawazat system.

  • Open the Absher website
  • Login to your Absher account.
  • Click on Dependent Service.
  • The list of your dependents will be viewed. Click on more details to see more information about a dependent.
 Various Fields Displayed
  • Name Of The Dependent: The name of the dependent wife or kids as entered in the jawazat and it will be printed in the iqama same.
  • Iqama Number: The residential permit number.
  • Hajj Information: Shows the eligibility of the dependent for Hajj and also displayed when the dependent last has done Hajj.
  • Travel Status: The travel status can be either inside the kingdom or outside the kingdom. The status changes when the immigration officer enters in the system. It will be easy to know whether the family has arrived or departed from the kingdom.
  • Fingerprinting: It shows the fingerprinting status, whether it is done or not. Fingerprinting is mandatory for all dependents of age 15 and above.
  • Passport Deposit: It shows whether the amount is deposited or not for any governmental service of visa or iqama. Basically, it is the funds that are available in the MOI against the dependent’s iqama.
  • Visa: This shows the details about the visa, issue date, expiry date, duration, etc.
  • Passport: The details of the passport are shown. Expiry date entry should be correct. If it’s wrong then you will face some obstacles during traveling. If something is wrong with the passport, it can be corrected at the Nakal Malumat.

In the end, you will see Issue Visa by which you can issue a visa for a dependent.

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