Guide To File Medical Complaint In UAE

You can file a complaint if you are dissatisfied with the service provided by a healthcare professional or facility in the UAE. According to the guidelines, it is essential that you should be clear about the issues and also be clear about the response you are expecting. Here is all about filing a medical complaint as a patient.


According to the Dubai Health Authority’s website on medical complaints – – any person whether it is a citizen, resident, or tourist who has received treatment at a DHA-licensed facility can file a complaint. According to the guidelines, it is important to be specific and explain about the health professional you are complaining about.  Make sure to have all supporting and required documents.

How To Register A Complaint

  • Email:
  • Call center – 800 342 (DHA)
  • In-person at DHA centers
  • Social media – @DHA_Dubai

A certain mechanism is followed by DHA to classify complaints. The expected time to handle your complaint is determined by the classification of the complaint.

  • Sensitive complaints – Two working days
  • Regular complaints – Seven working days
  • Urgent complaints – One working day

The complainant will receive an email after filing a complaint notifying that the complaint has been received successfully. All the concerned parties will be contacted by the Clinical Governance Office, who can provide information about your complaint. Relevant parts of your healthcare records may be reviewed. If an investigation is required to resolve the case The complainant will then be informed.

Abu Dhabi

The process to raise complaints is also provided by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health (DOH) also if they need to raise a complaint against a health facility or practitioner.

How To Register A Complaint

There are two ways through which you can file a medical complaint in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • You can file a medical complaint using TAMM Abu Dhabi (call them on +971-800555)
  • You can register your complaint on the DOH Medical Complaint Portal

According to the Department of Health, the complaint resolution to the customer will be received through a telephone call, SMS or email.

Ministry of Health and Prevention

According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), people can register complaints related to private health facilities and their medical staff through the e-complaint system is which live on their website.

How To Register A Complaint

  • Open and create a new account.
  • Go to e-services
  • Choose ‘Complaints about private health facilities and their medical staff’.
  • Enter your full name, email address, phone number, Emirates ID and details of your complaint.
  • Submit the application once you have provided all the details.

According to MOHAP, you will receive an update about the status of your complaint through an email and SMS.

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