Guide To Get Health Card In Qatar

It is essential to get a health card as soon as you land in Qatar because treatment in private hospitals are expensive and government hospitals are free of cost for all citizens and residents of the country by Hamad Medical Corporation. If you don’t have a good health insurance plan, you will need to turn to Hamad General Hospital and Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCC) for all your medical needs. In Hamad Medical Corporation and PHCC, everything From consultations and blood tests to surgeries and medication, including for mental health are free of cost or heavily subsidised. You will need a health card to access the services of the Hamad Medical Corporation. The health card contains your ID number, nationality, photo, date of issue. To get the health card you will have to get an application from the Primary Health Care Centre (PHHC). Fill the form and submit it with the required documents and get the PHCC health file number. Payment must be done through debit card or credit card. Other forms of payments are not accepted. You can bring someone like your friend or relative with you if you don’t have debit or credit card and make the payment by their card. Collect your health card on the day told by the counter staff.

Documents Required

  • Qatar ID (Valid)
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Photo (two)
  • Utility Bill Copy(Water, Electricity or Phone)
  • Birth Certificate And Vaccination card (For children).


  • Qataris or GCC Citizens: QAR50
  • Expat Residents: QAR100
  • Domestic Workers: QAR50
  • Children Born In Qatar: Free For First Year.

Working Hours

The documents can be submitted only from 7.30 am until 2 pm on weekdays.


The validity of the health card is one year for expats and has to be renewed annually.

Lost Card

If the card lost was valid you’ll have to pay QAR 100 for a replacement. If you lost card has expired you’ll have to pay QR200 for a new health card.

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