Guide To Get Move Permit In Dubai

The prominent developers in Dubai have made move permits compulsory for people moving in or out of their properties for various reasons. The tenants and homeowners alike will require the permits. Here are some reasons for which developers have made permits mandatory.

  • Moving into a new community or development is made easier.
  • Accurate and updated contact information of all the residents will be with the management.
  • Community managers might get help with information about people with special needs and disabilities, in case of emergencies.
  • Out-site supervision is made easy and any damages caused by moving in or out is minimized.
  • Ensures that all the payments are done before moving out.

Communities With Mandatory Move Permits In Dubai

Since the beginning, the permit wasn’t compulsory until Emaar took the lead and announced in November 2013 that a move permit will be required on all its properties in Dubai. Then other developers also made the permit mandatory. Here are some of the communities and areas where it is mandatory to get a move permit:

  • Arabian Ranches
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Al Furjan
  • Mudon
  • Dubai Marina
  • Emirates Hills
  • Legacy Park
  • The Greens
  • The Meadows
  • The Springs
  • The Views

It is expected that the permit will be made mandatory for all properties in Dubai.

How To Obtain A Move Permit In Dubai?

Emaar Move Permit Guide

You can visit the Emaar official website to get the Emaar move permit. It will give you an option to apply for a move permit and then redirects to the Sakani portal. You can select the master community, community, street, and villa number in the portal.  You will be redirected to the tenant details section after submitting the required details, where you can fill in your details. You will require an Emirates ID and passport at hand, and also the start and end dates of your tenancy contract. An option is also given to add details for any occupants with special needs. Supporting documents can be attached, which include your Emirates ID, Ejari, passport and valid UAE visa (for expats). After clicking on submit the application will be registered and will be processed soon after. The move-in permit will be issued within one business day. If the communities or properties are not listed you can refer it to the developers.

Dubai Properties Move Permit Guide

You can register through the online portal of Dubai Properties to get a move-in permit. You can log in to the ‘MyDP’ portal on portal. You will find “Get Permit in 2 days!” on the bottom right of the screen. You will be redirected to the move permit process after you click it. Some documents will be required then enter personal details and property details. You will get the permit within 2 days.

Nakheel Properties Move Permit Guide

You will have to login to the Nakheel properties online portal. Then fill out the details required. The details required include the community name, building number, contact person, mover company details, etc. You will be required to attach recent invoice of property’s DEWA connection with Emirates ID. 

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