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Guide To Get Work Permit Online For Final Exit

The procedure for getting a work permit for issuing the final exit was given by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare. An official statement was made by the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare that if the work permit of foreign employee of the company has been expired and the company wants to send him back to his country on a final exit, then the permit can be issued. The work permit can be issued for the employees who were not issued the work and are being sent back to their country. 

Work Permit Online For Final Exit

Steps to get Work Permit Online For Final Exit

Procedure For Issuing Work Permit For Online Final Exit

  • Go To The Website Of the Ministry Of Manpower and Social Welfare.
  • Choose The Company.
  • Then Select Exit Work Permit.
  • Enter The Employee’s Name And Press Enter.
  • Choose The Employee Who Was Sent To Final Exit.
  • Then Click Issue.
  • Pay The Required Fee.
  • Then Visit The Saudi Jawazat.

Procedure For Procedure For Issuing Work Permit For Online Final Exit Through Labour Office

  • Go To The Labour Office.
  • Apply For The Work Permit For Final Exit.
  • The Labour Office Will Verify The Documents.
  • Make The Payment.
  • Then Visit The Saudi Jawazat.

Rules For Availing The Permit

  • The Foreign Employee’s Iqama Or Work Permit Has Expired.
  • The Foreign Employee Should Be A Part Of Nitaqat System.

Conditions For Private Company To Use The Facility

  • The Nitaqat system does not concern the company for this facility.
  • The Permit Will Be Issued If The Duration Has Passed 30 Days Of Expiry And 120 Days Has Not Passed From The Arrival Of New Employee.

How Can A Foreign Employee Get Final Exit

The foreign employee can go to the labour office and get the exit work permit. The exit visa will be issued based on the arrival shown in the computer, provided it has been 90 days since the arrival. The iqama and final exit can be issued by the officials at the same time. 

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