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Guide To Obtain Driving License In Doha Qatar

Getting License From The Qatar Traffic Department

The government of Qatar recently introduced some changes with respect to laws dealing with driving licenses in Qatar. The Traffic Department located in Madinat Khalifa issues the driving license. Diverse procedures have been laid out for obtaining a license. There are different procedures to obtain a temporary license or permanent. Penalties will be imposed for both citizens and foreigners driving without a valid license.

Types of Driving Licenses in Qatar

  1. Week License – Issued to foreigners who already have a license and visit the country for a week.
  2. Temporary license for 3 months – Issued to foreigners by filing a document.
  3. International driving license for 6 months – An International driving license for 6 months can be issued to Non-Qataris.
  4. Qatar driving license – Permanent driving license.

Driving License for Qatari nationals

The first step is to join a driving school for obtaining a license for yourself. After training the applicant will have to qualify in two tests, one is theoretical the other one is a practical test.

Some Additional Requirements
  1. The fee of getting a driving license is QR 500 for Qatari nationals.
  2. Light vehicles are allowed for applicants of age 18 and above.
  3. Heavy vehicles are allowed for applicants of age 21 and above.
  4. The license is valid for 10 years and should be renewed again.

Driving License for Foreign Visitors

Foreigners are legally permitted for a week to drive using their licenses from home countries. A temporary or permanent license should be applied if a person wants to reside for more than 6 months. A temporary license can be acquired with a residence permit and is valid for 3 months. A residence permit is required to obtain a permanent license. The people carrying temporary license might not be allowed to drive privately owned cars instead they will have to drive a rental car.

Requirements for a Temporary License
  1. Application form from the Traffic Department.
  2. Form Submission.
  3. Passport, original license, three photos (color).
Requirements for a Permanent License
  1. Application form
  2. Approval letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Valid ID (copy), employment ID etc
  4. Passport, original license, photos.

People who have an international driving license are legally permitted to drive in Qatar for six months.

General Laws Governing Driving License in Qatar

  • Driving without a license is not allowed.
  • There are different conditions for applying for a driving license according to many criteria such as foreign nationals and residents.
  • They must pass a practical and a theory test in order to obtain a driving license.

Driving License Test

  1. Theoretical Test – The test is conducted in Arabic and questions regarding traffic rules, signals, and principal in car mechanics are given. Those who don’t know Arabic will have to take an oral test.
  2. Practical test – After passing the theoretical test, they need to showcase their ability to drive.

Fees for Obtaining Driving License

The cost of obtaining a driving license in Qatar is QAR500 for Qatari nationals and vary for others.

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