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Guide To Pay Traffic Fines Online In Dubai

People in Dubai can pay traffic fines online through two ways that are RTA’s website or the Dubai Police Website. Here are the step by which you can pay the traffic fines online in Dubai.

Dubai Police Traffic Fine Payment Online Process

  • Visit the Official Website Of the Dubai Police.
  • On the Home Page go to the Services Tab.
  • Choose Traffic Fine Payment.
  • Click the Access Service.
  • You can either Enter the Driving Licence Number, Plate Number or Traffic Code Number with additional information required such as Plate Category, the Emirates in which vehicle is registered and more.
  • Review the fines and choose to Pay.
  • Click Pay Now.
  • On the next page, confirm your mobile number and email address to receive a code on your mobile.
  • Enter the Activation Code.
  • Then Click Next.
  • Verify the amount to be paid. Then, select the method of payment.
  • Make the Payment.
  • A confirmation email will be received if the process is successful..

Procedure To Pay Traffic Fines In Dubai Online Via RTA’S Website

  • Visit the RTA’s Website.
  • On the Home Page go to the Services Tab.
  • Click Driver and Car Owner Services.
  • Pay options must be filtered by check-marking ‘Pay’ in the Filters
  • Then Open the Pay Vehicle Fines page.
  • Click Apply Now. 
  • On the next page, you can either Enter the Vehicle’s Plate Number, Licence Number, Fine Number, Traffic File Number or Traffic Code Number. And additional information should also be provided including emirates where the vehicle is registered, number plate category and more.
  • Click Search after entering the required information.
  • All the fines will be displayed on the registered vehicle or licence number.
  • The fines you want to pay first can be selected or you can also choose all of them.
  • Then Click Continue.
  • Enter the Traffic File Number and Confirm your birth year (traffic file number is given under ‘T.C number’ on your vehicle licence card).
  • Select the method of payment.
  • Make the Payment.
  • The confirmation of payment will be displayed after the payment. The payment request reference number should be noted as proof of the successful transaction.

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