Guide To Register For COVID-19 Vaccination In Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ministry of health has started the registration of the COVID-19 vaccine through the “Sehhaty” mobile application. The vaccination service on Sehhaty mobile application came was developed on Dec. 15, 2020. The coronavirus vaccination registration can be done through the Sehhaty mobile application by both the Citizens and Residents which is free of cost. The registration of the coronavirus vaccine has been applied by More than 1 million citizens and residents. The vaccination will undergo in three stages and these stages has their target groups. The ministry of health of Saudi Arabia has confirmed the safety and efficacy of the vaccine after the effective testing of the vaccine, and the tests were successful and it showed strong immune response and antibodies in those who received trial shots. the steps to register for the COVID-19 vaccine are given below.

Procedure To Register For Coronavirus Vaccination

  • Download the Sehhaty app which is available both on the App Store and Android Play Store.
  •  If You Are Not Registered With Sehhaty App, Create an account with the Sehhaty app.
  • Choose “Covid-19 Vaccine.”
  • Then choose the beneficiary for whom you are applying – “Me” or “My Dependents.”
  • Then click on Next.
  • On the next page, Enter the information required that are: Mobile Number, Region, and City of Residence
  • Choose the Occupation from the given list
  • On the next page, answer the questions given related to your health condition like:
  1.     do you suffer from obesity?
  2.     do you suffer from any Allergies?
  3.     do you suffer from chronic diseases?
  • Then Click Next to complete the application.

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