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Guide To Renew Driving License In Sharjah

Who Can Apply For Sharjah Driving License Renewal?

You can apply for Sharjah driving license renewal If the driving license is about to expire in the next six months. The grace period for renewal after the expiry is 30 days after that AED 10 will be fine for every month and the total amount can go up to AED 500. A driving license is mandatory if the renewal of driving license is being renewed after 10 days.

Where To Apply For Sharjah Driving License Renewal?

The renewal of the Sharjah driving license can be done in two ways. One option is to visit the Customer Happiness Centre in person located in Al Ramtha. The centre timings are 07:30 am to 02:30 pm, Saturday to Thursday. The other option is to renew the Sharjah driving license online through the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) website.

Documents Required

  • Old License
  • Emirates ID Original
  • Personal Photo 
  • Eye Test Valid

The eye test is valid for 3 years which will be required to get a new driving license. if you get the license renewed after two years of eye testing, it will still be valid. A new test will be required if it’s been more than three years. the test can be done at any of the approved eye test centres in Sharjah. You must settle all your Sharjah traffic fines to renew the driving license.

Procedure To Renew Driving License In Sharjah

For in-person applications, you will have to submit all the documents mentioned above and pay the renewal fees A temporary license will be given which can be used until the renewed license is issued.

Procedure to renew Sharjah driving license online
  • Open the MOI website.
  • Click on the E-services drop-down menu.
  • Choose Traffic and Licensing
  • Search and Click Vehicle Driver’s License Renewal Tab.
  • Login.
  • Submit the Documents.
  • Make the Payment and Get a Temporary License.

Sharjah License Renewal Fee

The Sharjah license renewal fee for residents of age under 21 years is AED 120. The fee is AED 320 for those 21 years old or above. An additional fee for license delivery of AED 15 is charged. You can collect the licence on your own. A credit card can be used for Payments for renewal. 

License Validity 

The license can be renewed for 10 years for UAE and GCC Nationals, and 5 years for expats.

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