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Guide To Report Traffic Accidents In Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recorded high casualties due to road accidents. The ministry of transport is trying to reduce the death rate due to the accidents. There are different ways to report the traffic accidents. The differences are of the vehicles that are insured or not insured. Make sure that if in case you get in a traffic accident always please Make sure of your safety and anyone with you, and Take great care when getting out of your vehicle. Here are the following steps to follow if in case you get in an accident. 

Procedure To Report Accident:

  • The traffic police must be notified if you don’t have a valid insurance policy on the vehicle or in case that there are injuries or dead persons or fires.
  • The Najm should be notified if you do have a valid insurance policy on toll free customer service Center no. 920000560.
  • The basic information should be provided where possible (Name of informer ID / Iqama no., mobile no., no. of car’s plate, the type of the car, insurance policy no., insurance company name, city, accident location).
  • It must be informed that if the cars involved in the accident can be moved or not.
  • Be sure to note the number of the case and date of the accident (given by the call center recipient) to facilitate with the case and its procedures with the insurance company in the future.

Accidents That Does Not Fall Under The Confines of Najm

  • Accidents that happen outside the Geographical Extent of Najm.
  • Accidents that result in serious casualties like injuries, deaths, fire.
  • Accidents in which both the parties does not have a valid insurance. 

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