Guide To Return Back Deposited Amount From Saudi Jawazat

The passport department (Jawazat) is made completely computerized. The process is computerized and you will have to go to the office only to collect the passport or any other documents. It is a common problem to the citizens and the residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the deposited amount goes to the passport department also called the Jawazat.

The passport department (Jawazat) says that those whose balance is on their side should contact the information service. The balance can be withdrawn from the Department of Public Payments under the Joint Communication Centre of the Ministry of Finance by requesting to refund the balance through:

  • Call At 19990
  • Email At
  • Twitter Account AlJawazat

If the payment is done through a chai of people then the balance isn’t received then their balance goes to the passport department Jawazat. Sometimes it is difficult to recover but if the user deposits money from his account then the balance is easily refunded.

Sadad Depositors: The money deposited usually is refunded but there are difficulties in getting the money deposited through SADAD outside the Jawazat. These difficulties will be removed as technology advances and new upgrades are made to the system in the Kingdom. According to the survey from the people, it is said that the process is working perfectly and it will also work for the rest of the people and people will have to give some time to rectify the queries.

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