Guide To Transfer Employees Through Qiwa – KSA

The employee transfer service for the expats can be done through the Qiwa platform after the end of the Kafala system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The permission for the employee transfer service would be granted via the Qiwa platform. Here are the steps to transfer the employees through Qiwa.

Request For The Employees Transfer Service

If the new employer meets the 4 conditions for the transfer request, He will have to create a transfer request via employee service through the Qiwa platform by uploading job offer.

  • Eligible To Obtain New Visa As Per Regulations.
  • Minimum 80% Compliance Within Last 3 Months With The Wage Protection System.
  • 100% Compliance With The Regulations Of The Contract Registration Program (CRP)
  • Green Nitaqat Status Required.
Acceptance By The Employee

The employee is required to accept the transfer of the employee through the Qiwa individual account. The following conditions are required for acceptance.

  • The employee must be registered with Qiwa.
  • At least one calendar year of the service must be completed by the employee with the current employer.
  • The contract must be completed by the employee with the current employer.
  • A valid duly attested contract must be with the employee in the Qiwa.
  • The sponsorship request must not be pending.

After the request has been approved, the notice period will begin in the Qiwa platform. The employee can resign from the job at this stage given the contractual notice period. Pending request status must be completed for the notice period.

Acceptance By The Old Employer

The current employer will be sent the request for approval and rejection. The employer will be required to provide a justification if he rejects the cancellation request.

Cases In Which Transfer Can Be Done Without Conditions
  •  Absent within 3 months of entering the Kingdom of the notarized work contract.
  • Salary not paid by the employer for 3 consecutive months.
  • If the employer is absent for travel registration, death, or any other reason.
  • If the work permit or the Iqama expires of the employee.
  • If reported commercial coverup to authorities by the employee (Business is run by an expat in the name of the Saudi citizen.
  • If the employer does not appear in the hearings of the labor court.

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