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How to Apply for Multiple Exit/Re-Entry Visa of KSA (Online)

Saudi expatriate or a dependent can go out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with three types of visas, that are final exit visa, single exit/re-entry visa, and multiple exit/re entry visa. If an expat ao a dependent wants to go of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and come back multiple times he or she must have a multiple exit/re-entry visa. Normally an employee will not be given permission of this visa. The permission of the kafeel is compulsory for the visas. But you can have this visa for your dependents as they are under your sponsorship but you cannot have it as you will be under the sponsorship of the employer. The cost of multiple exit/re-entry visa is SAR 500 and SAR 200 will be cost for additional months. The maximum period of the multiple exit/re entry visa is 3 years and the minimum period is one year. You should travel within 3 months of the issuance of the visa. If not travelled for 3 months from the date of issuance the visa should be cancelled or else you will have to pay a fine of SAR 1000. The cost of visa cancellation is zero. 

How to Apply for Multiple Exit_Re-Entry Visa in

Apply for Multiple Exit/Re-Entry Visa of KSA

Documents Required For Multiple Exit/Re-Entry Visa

  • Application Form
  • Payment Receipt
  • Passport Size Photo (One)
  • Passport Copy
  • Iqama Copy

Procedure to Apply for Multiple Exit/Re-Entry Visa

  • Login to Your Absher Account at Ministry of Interior Website
  • Move to Dashboard
  • Click on More Details Under Dependents Section
  • Select Person of Whom Visa is to be Issued
  • Click on Issue Visa
  • Select Multiple
  • Read The Terms and Conditions, Click Agree If You Agree
  • Click on Issue Visa
  • Print The Application

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