How to Get Work Permit For People Sponsored by Family – Qatar

If you are a resident of Qatar and is living under the sponsorship of your family members, you might submit a request to obtain a work permit for you. The request will be given to the Recruitment Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

Documents Required

  • Company’s Registration Copy.
  • Passport Copy.
  • Temporary Residency Card (if you are a Qatari document holder).
  • QID Card Copy.
  • Academic Certificates Certified and Translated.
  • Personal Photo.
  • Good Conduct Certificate.
  • Letter of Resignation or Statement of Services’ Termination In Case of the Previous Working.
  • 3 Original Counterparts of Labour Contract.
  • For the Sector’s Employees, License to Practitioners of Healthcare Profession.
  • For Schools’ Employees, Letter of approval from the Ministry of Education & Higher Education.
  • Letter of approval for nurseries’ employees from the Family Affairs Department, Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor & Social Affairs.
  • For Salon Employees, Letter of approval from the Social Development Center.

Procedure To Apply For Request

  • Open the MADLSA website.
  • Then go to the E-Services & E-Forms.
  • Click on the Recruitment Department.
  • Select “Work Permit for Applicants Sponsored by Family Members”.
  • Download the application form as needed.
  • Make sure to fill this out thoroughly with accurate and complete information.
  • Then Submit.

If you have a Residence Permit, different kinds of permits and licenses might not be applied, but you will also be able to apply for a loan or even sign a rental accommodation agreement. Immediate family members will also be able to sponsor personally by you, which includes your spouse, sons, and daughters. The family members will be able to reside in Qatar with a Family Residence Visa (everyone must have an individual Family Residence Visa). The work residence permit will be renewed by your employer every year.

An added note: registering as a working woman means that you are living in Qatar on family sponsorship and your spouse has given approval for work. You can register to work even without a separate work permit

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