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KSA Extends Travel Ban to May 17

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has postponed its reopening of flights. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared on Friday January 19 that they will be extending the travel ban for the travellers till 17 May. It was declared by the The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior that the country will open up its air, land, sea borders completely on 17 May rather than March 31.

KSA Extends Travel Ban to May

KSA Extends Travel Ban to May 17

Due to the present world delays in vaccinations deliveries by makers and in context of the second wave of the virus spreading around the world rapidly, the ministry of interior will be extending its travel restrictions. The company that was supposed to deliver the COVID-19 vaccines were delayed. The another reason for the extension of the travel ban is the delaying of the COVID-19 vaccines. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia told that it aims to make sure that the majority of the general public must be immunized against the coronavirus before lifting the ban and reopening borders. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to maintain a low infection rate.

Earlier this month, officers said that the travel restrictions and international flights would resume from March 31. Land and ocean ports were conjointly expected to open up on a constant day. Flights were suspended by the Saudi Arabia on December 31 due to the emergence of growth of infectious strain of COVID-19. 

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