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At times is difficult to find zip Codes of Cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Latest Postal Codes & Zip-Codes of Major Cities in Saudi Arabia (KSA). It mostly consists of 5 digits. Few people call Zipcode as postal code. We provide you with the Latest and Updates Zip-Codes for Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Khobar, Makkah, Madina and other cities in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Most people search Zipcodes if they want to send some parcel or post to Saudi Arabia.

Zip Codes & Postal Codes: 

  • These two codes are essentially the same and only used in different countries for the same purpose – USA is Zip code and other countries use Postal code.
  • Major difference would be Zip code uses a series of letters or digits or both where as Postal code is generally all numbers and used for the purpose of sorting emails and providing exact location of the area one is living in.

Why are Zip Codes Needed:

  • Generally in all cities zip codes are required for documents or goods which need to be delivered at a certain specific address and / or for the transportation services. It’s a marking of an area by which all the multiple areas made within a city are differentiated in general.

Zip Codes or Pin Codes in Saudi Arabia:

  • Again while some countries use postal code, some use zip or pin code for the same purpose of adding a code to an area for quick and efficient delivery of mail and other products. Below is the list of Saudi Arabia Zip Codes for all the cities you could get at a glance and for easy access for whenever you need it :
City Name Zip Code City Name Zip Code
Abha 61321 Madinah 20012
Al Bahah 65525 Makkah 24236
Al Qurayyat 77451 Najran 66241
Amlaj 48313 Qassim, Buraidah 51431
ARAR 73311 Rabigh 25725
Badr 46357 Rafha 76321
Buraydah 52361 Ras Tanura 32816
Dammam 32241 Riyadh 11564
Dhahran 34464 Sakaka 75471
Ha’il 55425 Tabuk 47711
Hafr Al-Batin 39923 Taif 26513
Haradh 36699 Tayma 45511
Jeddah 21577 Turaif 75311
Jizan 88723 Unaizah 51911
Jubail Industrial City 35514 Wadi as Surr 49549
Khamis Mmushait 61961 Yunbu 46424
Khobar 34424 Zulfi 15941

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