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Procedure To Change/Correct Name On Iqama – KSA

If the name on the Iqama is different form the name on the passport or if there is a mismatch between the names in arabic and english, you should change it as soon as possible as it may cause some issues. 

Why Should You Change/Correct Name On Iqama?

  • Bank Account Cannot Be Opened.
  • There Will Be Mismatch In The Name In Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Documents Which Are Issued In Saudi Arabia Will Not Be Accepted (Eg: Birth Certificate).

Changing English Name On Iqama

The procedure of changing or correcting the english name is easy. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • Go To The Government Relations Officer Of Your Company.
  • Ask Him To Change The English Name On Iqama.
  • He/She Will Have To Log In To The Muqeem System.
  • He/She Will Have To Enter The Correct Name.
  • The Name Will Be Changed Or Corrected Instantly.
  • You Will Have To Get The Hard Copy Of Iqama With Name Changed.

Changing Arabic Name On Iqama

The procedure of changing the arabic name on the iqama will be quiet challenging. Here is the procedure to be followed to change the arabic name on the iqama in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Form 203 Must Be Downloaded.
  • Fill The Form Correctly.
  • The Government Relations Officer Will Have To Go To The Jawazat Office To Submit The Form.
  • The Name Will Be Changed In A Few Days.
  • You Will Have To Get The Hard Copy Of Iqama With Name Changed.

Note: The name on the official documents must be changed if you change or correct the arabic or english name.

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