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Procedure to Check Nitaqat Category KSA

The private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are provided with a nitaqat system. The Nitaqat system or law is the Saudization programme of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This system was introduced in the year 2011. The Nitaqat system’s main purpose is to facilitate the Nationals of Saudi to join the private sector. There are divided into four different categories that are Premium, Green, Yellow, Red. These categories are based on number of saudi nationals working as employees in a company. Premium and green are for most percentage of saudi nationals working as employees in a company and yellow and red are for least percentage of saudi nationals working as employees in a company. There are different benefits to be in premium and green categories, Like you can change from green to platinum or platinum to green without the permission of a kafeel but in red and yellow you will need permission to change from one category to another. And another benefit is that you can have new visas but in red and yellow a new visa cannot be issued easily. Another benefit in the premium and green category is that you can renew your work permit and change professions but in the red and yellow you cannot do that. The yellow category was removed in January 2020 by the Ministry of Labour Below are the step by step guide to check your nitaqat status

Procedure to Check Nitaqat Category KSA

Procedure to Check Nitaqat

Procedure to Check Nitaqat Category

  • Go to the Ministry of Labour Website
  • Enter Your Iqama Number and Captcha
  • Click on Enter
On the screen you will be able to see:
  • You Name
  • Employment Status
  • Work Permit Number
  • Iqama Colour Status
  • Company Legal Status


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