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Traffic Violation List Of Saudi Arabia (2021)

The traffic violations list has been updated by the Saudi Police. These traffic violations are divided into different categories according to the penalty or fine of the violation. Here is the list of the traffic violations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Category – 1: SAR 100 to SAR 150

  • Throwing Objects While The Vehicle Is Moving.
  • Getting In Or Out When The Vehicle Is Moving.
  • Parking A Vehicle Which Is For Special Needs People.
  • Driving A Vehicle Without A Valid Insurance Of The Vehicle.
  • Leaving The Vehicle With The Engine On.
  • If A Pedestrian Crosses With Non Compliance With Signal.

Category – 2: SAR 150 to SAR 300

  • Nose Picking While Driving A Vehicle.
  • Required Trailers Are Not Equipped By Regulations.
  • Driving A Vehicle Which Does Not Have A Fahar Or Motor Inspection.
  • Not Maintaining Safe Distance Between Two Vehicles.
  • Using Strong Lights On The Vehicle Which Are Not Permitted.
  • Parking Recklessly On Public Roads.
  • Adding Bars To The Vehicle That Prevent Drivers Vision.
  • Driving A Vehicle Without The Ownership Of Transfer Of Vehicle.
  • Driving A Vehicle Without A Valid Istimara Or  Vehicle Registration.
  • Not Wearing A Seatbelt During Driving.
  • Safety Seats For Children Are Not Used.
  • Overusing Or Misusing The Vehicle’s Horn.
  • Indicators Are Not Used While Changing The Lane.
  • On A Highway Reversing The Car For More Than 20 Meters.

Category – 3: SAR 300 to SAR 500

  • Speed Limit Exceeded By 25 Km/H At Places Where Sign Is Given To Not Exceed The Speed Limit.
  • Driving At A Check Ponit With A Speed Limit Of 25 Km/H.
  • Crossing The Lanes Where it Is Not Permitted.
  • Doing An Illegal Customization To The Vehicle.
  • Driving A Vehicle Which Heavily Pollutes The Environment.
  • Not Following The Traffic Rules At The Road Intersection.
  • A Vehicle Being Used For Unlicensed Purpose.
  • Passengers Sitting In The Vehicle At The Place Other Than Those Specified For Them.
  • Use Of Sudden Brakes Unnecessarily.
  • Throwing Or Leaving Objects At The Roads That May Harm People.
  • Blocking The Way Of The Movement Priority For VIP Or Emergency Vehicles.
  • Driving A Vehicle With Expired License.
  • Slowing Down The Vehicle To An Extent That It May Cause Traffic Jam.
  • Not Applying Handbrakes On A Sloping Road. 

Category – 4: SAR 500 to SAR 900

  • Driving A Vehicle Without Driving Licence Or With Expired Driving License.
  • Headlights Are Not Used While Driving At Night Or While Driving In A Bad Weather Condition.
  • Using The Emergency Vehicle Siren Unncessarily.
  • The Tining Rules Of The Vehicle Is Violated.
  • Driving And Maneuvering The Vehicle At High Speed Between Other Vehicles.
  • Not Following The Orders Of The Traffic Police When He Is Organising Traffic.
  • Driving A Vehicle With Its Brakes Damaged.
  • Driving A Vehicle Without Lights Inside The Tunnel.
  • Driving A Vehicle While Using The Phone.
  • Trucks Are Loaded Without Safety Measures.

Category – 5: SAR 1000 to SAR 2000

  • Stopping Or Standing On The Railway Tracks.
  • Caring Passengers More Than Permitted In The Vehicle.
  • Driving The Vehicle On The Yellow Lane/Shoulder Or Marked Road Limits On The Lane.
  • A Vehicle Being Used Without A Number Plate Or Illegal Or Forged Number Plate.
  • Parking Or Leaving The Vehicle On Public Roads.
  • Iqama And Istimara Is Not Presented Or Refused To Be Presented Upon Request.
  • Overtaking Of Vehicles On Curved Lanes And Uphills.
  • Helmet Is Not Worn While Riding A Bike.
  • Crossing The Roads From Places Other Than Permitted By The Pedestrians.
  • A Vehicle Is Not Been Able To Export Within The Prescribed Time.

Category – 6: SAR 3000 to SAR 6000

  • Not Stopping At The Signal When The Traffic Light Was Red.
  • Movement Of The Vehicle At The Signal When The Traffic Light Is Red.
  • Doing Car Race On Public Roads.
  • Installing Equipments Of Official Or Emergency Vehicles On Unofficial Vehicles.
  • The School Bus Overtaking When Stopped For Loading Or Unloading.
  • Traffic Regulating Signs has Tampered.
  • Unauthorized Devices Are Being Used Inside The Vehicle.
  • Driving A Vehicle Wrong Side Or On Opposite Direction. 

Category – 7: SAR 5000 to SAR 10000

  • Driving The Vehicle After Drinking Alcohol Or After Taking Drugs.
  • Valley Crossing During Flood
  • Owners Of The Animals Do Not Keep The Animals Away Form The Road.
  • Road Work Being Carried Out Without Notifying Authorities.
  • The Chassis Number Of The Vehicle Is Changes Or Hidden.

Category – 8: SAR 20000 to SAR 60000

  • Fine For First Time Drifting Is SAR 20000
  • Fine For Second Time Drifting Is SAR 40000
  • Fine For Third Time Drifting Is SAR 60000

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