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Traffic Violations, Rules & Fines in Qatar

List of Traffic Violations in

Traffic Laws, Rules & Fines in Qatar

Short-term guests should get a considerable global driver’s license or permit, preceding their arrival in Qatar, and that they shouldn’t drive the vehicles utilizing their nation of origin driver’s permit. New and prospective residents should get their own permanent Qatari driver’s license quickly on arrival. short-term guests and other business travelers even have the selection to get Temporary Qatari driver’s license, on introducing their nation of origin permit at any Qatar Traffic Police branch. Drivers should avoid all the arguments on the streets and everyone over the traffic episodes, this is often especially with Qatari nationals. Drivers are often held to a selected period of risk and for other injuries caused to somebody else who engaged with a vehicular accident, and there are cases when nearby police kept the expats under short-term until the degree of wounds to a different person is understood. Any automobile that’s quite five years old can’t be imported to the state. for extra data and policies with regard to driver’s license, street charge, vehicle review, and also mandatory insurance, contact the Qatar Embassy. Further, Qatar receives a zero-resilience policy which is against drinking and driving. Offenders are going to be confined, fined, and banned from driving authorities.

List of Traffic Violations in

List of Traffic Violations in Qatar

Traffic fines in Qatar can range from QR 300 to QR 6,000. The major traffic violations and fines include:

QR 6,000

  • Driving a vehicle in the opposite (wrong) direction. (6 Points)
  • If the driver of a vehicle parks the vehicle on the expressway in an undesignated area, or to reverse or turn to the left, or to U-Turn, or to drive it on the traffic island. (3 points)
  • If the motorist does not abide by the manual signals activated by the traffic police. (7 points)

QR 3,000

  • Driving a non-registered vehicle. (2 points)
  • Driving a vehicle without number plates. (3 points)
  • If the drivers of transport vehicles (buses of all types) and trucks, goods vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers, do not keep to the right side of the road or overtake other vehicles. (1 point)
  • Driving a vehicle that makes noisy sounds or dense fumes causing bad smoke, or leaks flammable materials or harms the public health or environment or damages the road or driving a vehicle without an appropriate silencer. (3 points)

QR 1,500

  • Driving a vehicle on the road without renewal of its license. (points-NIL)
  • Making unauthorized changes of color or shape of the number plates, or altering the details on it, or loaning it or exchanging it. (3 points)
  • If a motorcyclist or bicyclist does not hold on the handlebar with both hands unless when required to indicate, signals manually, or if he holds onto another vehicle while driving, or if a two-wheeler drives on one wheel or tries to tow, carry, push, or drag objects that can obstruct traffic or endanger themselves or others on the road.( Points-NIL)

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