Transportation Cost in Qatar

Transportation Cost in

Getting around Qatar is comparatively easy, because of the country’s size and well-maintained roads. The primary way to move around the country is by car and also Qatar’s transport has seen an enormous improvement in recent years, mainly due to the expansion of public transport i.e. metros and busses. The roads connect mostly to and from the Doha, the capital city of Qatar, wherever travellers will land at Hamad International Airport. Going from one end to another in Qatar is a matter of few hours through cars. Be alert during driving as the roads can get feverish, several travelers prefer a taxi or chauffeured limousine as it is overly convenient (but expensive) method to get around Qatar. Consider our guide to transport in and around Qatar to ascertain that choice suits your budget.

Transportation Cost in

Transportation Cost in Qatar

For those who have their own vehicle, the price of petrol per litre ranges from QAR 1.20 to 1.25. For conveyance, you’ll like better to take the bus, Doha Metro, or taxi. Bus rides begin from QAR 2.50 for temporary journeys whereas one metro ride of the standard class cost QAR 2. Metrolink feeder buses are free of charges. Karwa smartcards are required for traveling through Karwa public bus. It prices are from QAR 10 (Limited – good for 2 journeys) to QAR 30 (Classic rechargeable). the standard metro travel card costs QAR 10 while not travel credit. The flag fall rate for Karwa taxis inside Doha starts at QAR 4 and QAR 1.6 per kilometer whereas outside the capital of Qatar – Doha is QAR 1.90 per kilometer (also applicable to nighttime time fare). The minimum fare trip starts at QAR 10 (including the first 5km).

The minimum ride tariff for Uber and CareemGO is at QAR 8. the final word fare can vary looking forward to the house, peak hour, and traffic on the manner.

  • Petrol                     QAR 1.35 – 1.40
  • Karwa Bus              starts at QR 2.50
  • Doha Metro            QR 2.00
  • Karwa Taxi              starts at QR 10
  • Uber/Careem          starts at QR 8.00

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